party till the cows come home.

Here are some highlights of our party. And yes I am the Hula-Hoop Queen.



My husband Don and I have been marrired 25 years. The anniversary was on the 14th. Today we are having an anniversary party to celebrate. Friends and family will come. Each will bring the spirit of love and friendship. It is very special to me to be able to share this time together.
My sister Renee will be here, she was my maid of honor. Both of her children were at our wedding,, Billy was 12 and Nikki was 7. They remember. Their children will be here. They will have memories of this day too. In a world where nothing seems to be too permanant, here today, gone tomorrow. Instant this and instant that. Today we can show the children that some things are permanant. Committment means something. Love conquers all adversity.
Have a wonderfull day everyone.




Here is another bright collage I did. It says "we are not lost we are exploring". Inspiration from Traci Bautista. Tommorow is the art show and lavender festival. Hope you all have a great weekend.


color and wisdom

This is something that I'm working on. It's a panel board that I glued strips of this molding tape that I painted. The center is part of a quilt that I started awhile back. There is a strip of film that I also painted and glued on. I loooove texture, it's my favorite thing in the world. I think I will do some writting on this and maybe add more embellishments.

I recieved an email from a fellow blogger, she said, "whatever you do, let it come from within". A very wise women. And someone I admire, for her wisdom and her talent.

I'm really enjoying these bright colors.



this is my very first painting. I know it's not much, but I did it myself. I like the soft colors and the quietness of it.


art day with the little darlings

These two darlings are my grand nieces.
Zoe on the left and Maddison on the right.
They came to visit last week end. We made art for their cousin (my grandaughter) Summer. Summer will be here on July 29th. I think we have aspiring artist. It's so fun to watch them create. They are so unin-hibitated. Free. Oh to be child like, and not worry about what the rest of the world around me is doing. Just had to share them with you.


This is a collage of a dandelion plant. I love dandelion's, they remind me of my childhood. I know most gardeners hate them, but remember the wishes you would make when you blew off the feathery parts. I grew up in Oklahoma, we had dandelions, and fire flys, and wild onions, honeysuckle, and wild berry bushes.
Marsha from "Tumble Fish Studio" is traveling with her family across the US to Missouri, from California. It's so great to do that stuff when you're a kid.(I still like traveling) Our family would travel from Oklahoma, to Pennsylvania in the summer. Great memories. Summertime, I love every minute of it.



Hi everyone, just a note to wish you all a great INDEPENDENCE DAY! What ever you are holding onto that doesn't make you happy.....let it go, free yourself. Get your freedom on! We are so blessed to live in this USA. We are so blessed to be connecting with one another. We are so FREE to be happy if we choose to be.
Pass it on.

Garden angel

Garden angel