Ann Baldwin class

Today I got a chance to take an online class with collage artist Ann Baldwin. This is what I made. It was a study in abstract, using different mediums. It looks kind of a mess, maybe to some, but the idea is to let the layers show through. It was fun, and I learned some new things, so to me it was a success. I have to thank Susan at Broken Heart Art for sending me the info about the class. It was with an online site named Art Workshops.tv Thank you Susan.
This is one I made on my own, a book art piece.
Have a good week everyone.



type drawer

Here's what I'm doing with the type drawer. This is such a fun project. Very relaxing to me. Hope to finish today. If you have any suggestions, let me know, I'd love to hear some feedback.


making a memory

Yesterday my oldest son Jason and I and my friend Chris went to an art show in the downtown city park. It was a wonderful day. Jason is home right now. Staying with us. For how long I don't know. But we spent the day together, he has a love for art as well as I do. I didn't take pictures of the art work, there was so much, but here are some highlights.

I don't know what these are called, artist for sure.
They were on stilts, and moving the wings of the dragonfly and head of the ostrich with levers.



Well I opted to spend the day in the pool, now I'm sunburned, (duh), but that's ok. I'll tan. It is really hot here, yesterday was 103. Today 98.
Today I spent mostly in the house, getting summer clothes done up, and working on my assemblage with the "type drawer". It's going quite well.
I only have 4 items listed on my Etsy store, but by the 1st of next month I should have several more collages. Guess we all have to start somewhere. Any tips you can give to a newby? I totally did not know how to charge for shipping. I know there is boocoo information to read on the site, and I have read some, but who has the time. Anyway hope you all are having a relaxing weekend. More later.



Up and Running

BetheArt is up and running on Etsy. Thank you all for your encourgement and comments.
I need to get busy, but it's so beautiful outside. What to do...ho hum.
Well anyway. There is just not enough time. I want to create, clean my house, prune the rosebushes, swim in the pool, eat, play on the computer, well you know.
I hope you all are having a wonderful day.



Here I go......

I am trying to open an Etsy store. This is the banner I created. It says Betheart or "be the art"... a little play on my name. I cannot seem to get the picture centered for the banner though. Any ideas? I will work on it some more over the weekend.
Yeah it's Friday. Have a good one you all.



God is awesome

Our blogger friend Ron has survived his first surgery. He needs another on to remove the rest of the tumor. He is talking and is coherent. Thanks for your prayers.



Pray for Ron and Joanna

Ron is having surgery for a brain tumor. They are in San Francisco. Ron has been in surgery since 2:30 this afternoon. Please pray for him. Joanna is a blogger, her blog is Joannas Art Journal, also she teaches under Mosshill Studio. Friends and family are with her. So are we.



Camp Out in Santa Cruz

Here is my "Hunk of Burnin Love". Don, after we got the tent set up. It was pretty warm by then, but it didn't last long. It turned damp and cold once the sun went down.We had to go into town the next day and get better sleeping bags, and a tarp for underneath the tent.
We have been a camping family for a real long time. But in the last few years, since the boys have grown up, Don and I have treated ourselves to some nice hotels on our vacations, and get aways. But now with the way business and work is going we are back to camping. I rather liked the hotels.LOL. But its fine, we have each other, and thats what its about. My husband loves the outdoors, is an avid bicyclist, and we both like to hike. It's beautiful out there people.

This is the lighthouse at Santa Cruz. Inside is the Surfing Museum. Lots of pictures of long board surfers from the 50's and 60's.
This is a preserve called Wilder Ranch. The ranch used to be a working ranch. It sets off Hyw. 1. Which is the coast Hwy. Many out buildings, and gardens. Someone was feeding the chickens when we were there. Now it is open to the public for hiking and biking.

I went into town and visited the thrift store. Got three blouses for work, a French cookbook for Shawn, some pottery, and candle holders. I also went to an antique store and found a type drawer. I want to do the project that is featured in Somerset Studios May issue.
We had a real good time. But now back to work and reality. I'm feeling better. It's nice to get away and remember that there is more to life.
Thank you all for your posts.




Well I think my son is going to be a Chef. Since Don and I are leaving for the weekend, my sweet son Shawn made me Mothers Day dinner, this was the menu

Shrimp Spring Rolls w/ hoisin sauce
Grilled Halibut on bed of rice w/ mango chutney
Fruit Salad

It was delicious! Anyone need a personal Chef?
We are getting ready for the camping trip. We camp light. Throw some clothes in a bag, grab the tent and camp gear, towel, soap, we"re off. I love where we are camping, amoung the redwoods, giant, ancient trees. I am a tree hugger, and tree lover, and tree kisser. I love trees. They speak to me. One day I will do a wonderful collage with trees as the focus. I have seen a few done, but I want to wait until I can get it on canvas the way i see it in my head. Not there yet.
Happy Mothers Day everyone.



Matchbox art


This is a matchbox that I embellished at the class I took about a week ago. What we did was gesso the inside slide out part then painted it and added some paper to the bottom part. Then we painted and stenciled and did some other different techniques. This is one I painted and added a buttom with a little charm glued on top. Then Ginney showed us how to make a hook to hang some beads. I thought it was a fun class, with such a simple everyday thing
My message when you pull the little drawer out says "Let Go".


a little encourgement

I sold one of my little bird collages at the antique mall. Yahoo! Well that's encourging. I added the collage I made yesterday to the display. Which I might add that Chris, bless her heart put together for us.And I'm putting together a crackle finish on a small canvas tonight.
My dark cloud is still hanging over my head, but I will perservere.
My son Shawn caught an 11 pound bass yesterday. He was sooo happy. It was good to see him smile.
I hope everyone is getting some sunshine.



walk among the trees

The message at church today was "pray for healing". Looking at the world today, I don't know anyone who doesn't need to be healed of something. Weather its overeating, overspending, smoking, back problems, etc, etc. We live in a broken world, and we are broken people. This may sound like a drag, not so upbeat, blah blah blah. Beth on her soapbox. And maybe so. Life has it's ups and downs, maybe I'm a little down. I tend to lean on the side of depression I've been told. But I fight hard not to let it take over. I take care of myself the best I can. Spiritually, mentally, and physically. And no I don't do any of those things perfectly. But I try, without the help of chemicals I might add.
There is a lot going on between my left ear and my right ear. I won't bore you with details, but we all need prayer sometimes, we all need healing.
I made this collage today. It took my mind off all the stuff. I thank God for the ability to make my art. I thank you all for taking the journey with me. Have a good week everyone. I'm going camping in Santa Cruz for mothers day weekend. Maybe being among the trees will improve my mood. It can't hurt.


Beautiful Lady

Yesterday I stopped to pick up my mail, and to my great surprise, there was a package addressed to me in a small manila envelope. Looking at the return address I knew right away what might be inside. I couldn't wait to get to my house so I tore open the pkg. and this is what I found.
I can not discribe how this made me feel. No one has ever sent me such an unexpected gift. I was very touched. The beautiful thoughtful lady that is responsible is none other than Sharon Chapman of Wildflowerhouse. Thank you so much Sharon, the sachet is lovely, and really touched my heart.


Garden angel

Garden angel