Courage to go forward

To tell you the truth, the art show didn't go as well as we had expected. Chris and I have concluded that the venue was wrong for us. The city advertised it as Recycled Treasures and Art Show. Our booth was the only art there, the rest was mostly yard sale items, and some antiques. We were both disappointed. But not discouraged.
We have a new plan. And more information. There are two other shows happening this summer, one in July, and one in August. They are the Lavender Festival, and the Olive Festival. I have attended the Olive Festival here, and its lovely, lots of original art, and a different clientele I think. So were are inspired to go forward and find our nitch. We also made contact with our local antique dealer who is renting us wall space in her shop. So things are looking up. We will continue making art, and learning new things. Its all good.


Day in the Park

It turned out to be a beautiful day. Slight windy for us, but manageable. We arrived at about 8:00, with Chris's boy friend Tom and my husband Don. The guys helped us put up the frame my sweet husband made for our art. Then they went on their merry way.

We got everything hung up and this is what it looked like.
May be it was a little rough, but all in all I think our display looked fine.
We had excellant feedback from the public, alot of traffic. And a few sales. I guess it is official now. I AM AN ARTIST! I SOLD ART I MADE!
We met new friends, and a few of our friends from church showed up. Chris had the insight for us to have business cards made up, and a guest book for people to leave email addresses.
My son Shawn made awesome oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for us.
Thank you everyone for the help you gave, for the ones who bought our art, enjoy, and thanks.


Back to reality

Where am I? Where are my clean towels, why isn't my bed made. Who has the pillow menu. Oh yeah, I'm home now. back to work. Laundry to do, dinner to cook. Wow it seems like a wonderful dream. San Francisco... I'll be back!
Thanks for the good wishes, and responses friends. I see Deborah received her pay it forward gift. Very pretty. And Sharon is busy in her garden, don't hurt yourself out there. And life just kept on while I went to la la land.
Saturday is the art show. Chris and I are tying up loose ends. I hope the weather is good. I'll be sure to take my camera so you can see our booth.
Have a great week end everyone.
This is a street musician who really put on a good show. Check out what he is using for the drums. It was awesome.


Our Little Get Away

San Francisco resident Migdalia Valdes spent the past 10 years taking one black and white photograph a day. She also wrote in and collected found objects to fill her numerous journals. She captured life in the city, one day at a time. This is her exhibit at the "Intersection for the Arts " museum in SF.
While waiting for the museum to open we stumbled across a small french restraurant, "TiCouz Creperie" that served crepes. We ordered smoked salmon crepes with this delicous creamy cheese drizzled on top. Yummy!
We found 3 art supply stores and a craft show. I bought a braclet for my granddaughter.
We rode the trolly and the F train, just enjoyed being tourist. It is such a fun city, I hope you get to visit some day.


A Beautiful City

In my bio I talk about being a country girl who loves big cities. It's true. I think large city's such as San Francisco, Chicago, New York, places like that are sooo wonderful. Electric, and energized. So many people, so many stories, so much of life being lived. Of course I don't live in a big city, so its easy to say.
Anyway, this week end my husband Don and I are going to San Franciso.
It's about 4 hours away from our house. Last year I walked across the Golden Gate Bridge.(maybe you read about it on my blog) I don't know that we will do that again, but maybe. Mostly we are just getting away to relax, take a breather from work and bills, and just have some fun. I wish everyone could visit San Francisco, it
truely is a beautiful city. I'll try and remember to take my camera so you all can see. Have a great week end yourselves.


Art and Life

This is the first real collage I ever did. It was for a class I took with a local artist Ginny Mancuso. She said to just start tearing and gluing paper to the canvas.This is what I came up with. Ginny is having a new class this month with matchbox's. I think we are going to make jewelry with them. It should be fun.


easter day hike

After service today my husband Don and I went on a 3 mile hike at one of our local hiking places, Santa Margarita Lake. I forgot to bring the camera(darn), it was so beautiful up there. We saw some deer, and a wild turkey. And the wild flowers are in bloom, I just had to pick a few. They are a little wilted now, but still pretty.
We are having dinner here at home, just us 3. Grilled salmon with asparagus. Thank you Lord for your abundance. Hope everyone had a pleasant day.



rusty heart

Sometimes my heart gets rusty and I become cynical about life and love and what we are here for. I try to do my best, but I fall short sometimes. That is our nature I guess, and I just have to give that to God to work on.
Have a wonderful Easter you all. And lift someone up today if you can, there are so many broken hearts out there. Peace.


NEW positive attitude

Keeping a positive attitude is an art in itself. We live in a negative world. Just turn on the news, you'll see what I mean. Why can't the media give us the good news!There has to be some out there!.
Yesterday I wrote this same post(then deleted it) about the negativity I'm getting at work. But it's really how I choose to let other people affect me. Life is not pretty sometimes, and we all feel the stress of the economy, but hey, lets try and not drag each other down. I'll start first. Today I pledge to do my best to lift up whomever I come in contact with. I'm planning a day out of the house, getting ready for the art show, so no matter who I come in contact with I will give an encourging word to that person. Pass it on, we could CHANGE THE WORLD!


no fear

Some friends got laid off at my work today. A couple of people that have been there for several years. Rumor has it that there may be another lay off in June.
I have been with this company for 9 years. I really like my job, I pray I don't get laid off. But today I choose not to live in fear over it. Life is in session, and God is in control. I will pray for those who were let go today, and for our country, and others that have lost their jobs across our nation.
My grandparents got through the Great Depression, we will get through this. I believe that its a time to reevaluate our priorites. Get back to the root of giving and sharing in a me, me, me, society. Have it your way no longer works for me today.I want to give back, and help my neighbor when I can. I want to take less and give more, use less, and leave something for the future generations.
This is what I believe ladies, these are the things in my heart. I know you are with me in this.


Garden angel

Garden angel