Glory Days

I awoke to birds singing, sunshine, cool breeze and the knowledge of Gods love and goodness. We are all His children, He loves us unconditionally. His forgivesness is forever.
Thank you all for your emails and posts. My loved one is safe. Your prayers and thoughts of encourgement have reached the heavens. You are all precious to me. Susan,Deborah,Sharon,Marsha, thank you so much.

This is a canvas I painted, and made flowers from yarn and used tea bags. Have a glorious day everyone.




I made this out of an old curtain I found. It says "journey home" at the top. Sometimes we stray away from the ones we love. Sometimes it's to grow, sometimes it's to run away from problems. But home is where we are understood. It's where people know and love us. Home is safe hopefully. Someone in my life has strayed. Some one is missing, and being missed.



Its not the BIG ONE!

EARTHQUAKE! Laying in bed at 5:30 this morning, I'm awake cause its the normal time I wake up for work, and the bed starts to move, and I hear cracking in the walls. I don't know yet what the magnitude was, it wasn't real big, but I haven't felt one in a long time. Reminds a person how temporary things can be. I think I'm safe and protected in my home, but it could come crashing down any time. The last one we had sent the TV in my bedroom catapulting across the room.
Oh well, life in California. By the way, my husband snored right through it. Big help.
I'm going to play today in the studio. Do some cleaning and such, and make some art. The piece I'm showing is my attempt at stamping on tissue paper glued to canvas.
Have a great week end everyone.
Oh yeah, Susan at Brokn Heart Art is having a 200th post give away. Check it out.
She's a very clever artist. Susan and I traded art, this is an ATC she sent me. I love it! She bleached the paper to give it that affect. She also sent me lots of ephemera, stamps, transparencies, paper, and images. Awesome Susan. You are very generous.
(Sorry about the blurriness. My camera needs adjusting.)


clutter free

Here is a collage I did after my artist melt down. I guess having a melt down is something we artist go through from time to time. Artistically I haven't been able to do much lately. Lot's of things going on in and around me. But this too shall pass. I'm trying to be patient, and wait it out.
This collage is much more calm for me. I like the calmness, and the quiet. There is too much noise and chaos in life.
My friend is having a garage sale this weekend and I'm taking some things over to sale, getting rid of some of the clutter, psychically and mentally.
Tomorrow is my 58th birthday.
Have a good weekend everyone.


art rampage

Does this look like art to you? ART is in me, it's all around me, its chaotic, and intense, it color and rhythm, its joy and pain. I'm in a little bit of a funk, can you tell? I keep trying to imitate the art that I love, and it's not working. I love Ann Baldwin's collage. It looks so easy on the video. I followed step by step, but it sure doesn't look the same. Mine's really a mess, compared to her's. I tried again to do another piece, following the steps she gave, but ended up ripping it to shreds. (see picture) Oh the pain of failure, or what feels like failure. Anyway, I guess I just need to take from it what I can and leave the rest behind. Can anyone relate? Maybe I'll use the discared pieces in something else.

Garden angel

Garden angel