My husband Don and I have been marrired 25 years. The anniversary was on the 14th. Today we are having an anniversary party to celebrate. Friends and family will come. Each will bring the spirit of love and friendship. It is very special to me to be able to share this time together.
My sister Renee will be here, she was my maid of honor. Both of her children were at our wedding,, Billy was 12 and Nikki was 7. They remember. Their children will be here. They will have memories of this day too. In a world where nothing seems to be too permanant, here today, gone tomorrow. Instant this and instant that. Today we can show the children that some things are permanant. Committment means something. Love conquers all adversity.
Have a wonderfull day everyone.



Sharon said...

What a wonderful post. I am there in spirit. If you see a dragonfly leave it alone it might be me spying on your wonderful party. LOL Love ya Sharon

Susan Sager Brown said...

Congratulations Hula Queen!!! And Hula King!! I love the cake, very cool and clever, just like you! will email tonight.
What a huge accomplishment for you both. xoxoSusan

Stephani Gorman said...

Congratulation! :0 What a lovely setting!

Garden angel

Garden angel