I have been preparing to do an art show for the middle of March, with my friend Chris. Yesterday we decided to delay it until we check out the venue. The show is held once a month at one of the wineries in our town. Here is one of the pieces I plan to sell. I am hooked on birds.
Today hubby and I are taking our bikes down to the beach for a ride. This fits in with my last post to CONQUER my weight gain. More excersize!
Have a wonderful day everyone.



food for thought

Recently I went to have my cholestrol checked. It was high. 242 to be exact.(under 200 is recomended) So I went on a diet. I walked and tried to eat better, and it went down to 211... good news uh. Next check up it went up to 218. I gained 4 lbs.
I have stopped eating red meat, fish and chicken only, very little dairy, lots of fruit and veggies, . (no problem for me, cause I love them). No cake no candy, no bread, lots of grains. I gained another 2 lbs. WHAT IS UP WITH THIS CRAP! I am soo frustrated.
I talked to my chiropractor today, he lost 7 lbs in one week, eating meat. WHAT IS UP WITH THIS CRAP! I am soo frusstrated.
OK so I have to have a new plan. Ladies, I'm sorry to say, because I know many many people struggle with weight problems. But this is my first time. I am a small women, 5ft. tall. I've never had to watch my weight. I've struggled with other problems, but never with this.  I will be 59 this year. I'm in pretty good shape really for my age. I have lots of energy, and I do try to eat right.  If anyone has a suggestion, please let me know. I am NOT giving up. I will CONQUER this. One day at a time!

warmly beth.


dear friends

Thank you one and all for the comments. You are dear to me, each of you.
I am getting some spam on my comments, so I tried changing some things to prevent it. The sign in thing with the word verification, hope I did it right.
Anyway, I'm greatful for the comments. I know it's been awhile since I've posted anything. No excuse, just haven't felt much like sharing anything.
Hope everyone is well, and I know we are all looking forward to SPRING!




The other day I went for a walk during my lunch break at work. I found this little piece of tree wood that looked like there was  bird hole in it. I thought it was cool, so I made this collage out of it. I used canvas with newsprint under white wax, I cut a hole in the canvas then filled it with some yarn that remined me of nest, I stamped a nest with eggs on a piece of cardstock then sandwiched the image between glass, and soldered them together.So now  when you look through the hole you see a nest with eggs. How cool it that!? 
That's why I love collage, you can make art out of anything.

Spent the weekend in Santa Cruz with my hubby. It's a beach community, a couple of hours south of San Franciso. I've mentioned before that it is one of my favorite places. It's very laid back. Lots of history, Victorian homes and such. Surfing meca.
We went to a concert to see "Country Joe", (he played at woodstock back in the 60's) Anyway his concert was just him doing a tribute to Woody Guthrie, a folk singer from Oklahoma during the depression. The concert was about Woodys life and his songs.  It was pretty cool. I was raised in Oklahoma, so hearing about someone famous from there brought back memories.

Have a good week "ya all"


Happy Valentines Day

Here is my Valentine effort. 

an offering

Hey is anyone out there in blog land?  I'm thinking spring. I know it must seem like a long ways off for those of you who are still getting pounded with snow, but do not fret, click your heels and before you know it spring will decend upon us. Here is my offering to your snowed in blues. Hope it will bring cheer and hope.

Garden angel

Garden angel