Today is a day of graditude. Today is a day of thankfullness. Today is a day of abundance.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. May your hearts be filled with joy and thanksgiving.



Mother Nature

This is the canvas I've been working on. Its title is "Mother Earth".  The torso is made of paper mache. It's not all complete, I want to add some skeleton leaves and some other nature objects. Sharon I wish I had your ability with silk ribbon, it would work well on her little bag. I hope you all enyoy it. I will post the completed work once I've finished. Just couldn't wait.


Last of the vine

Here are a couple of pics of the vineyards near our home. I thought the contrast of color was so pretty, russet, and gold. I stopped on my way home from work and got these shots Hope you enjoy.

I've been trying to get some art finished. Here is my latest piece. It says "safe harbor".  With winter on it's way  we all need a safe harbor from the elements. My heart goes out to the many homeless people in this country and around the world. We are so blessed to have what we have.



Thank you everyone for the comments. I am encourged by them.
I am working on a new project, it will be called "Mother Nature". My creative muse is energized. Lots of new ideas floating around in my head.

How are your Thanksgiving plans coming along? I get 5 days off from work. Yeah! Anyone want to share a favorite recipe?

Have a good week everyone.



a little happy

One of the great joys in life is to see your children happy. Happiness has touched my youngest son Shawn with a new girlfriend. He has been single for a few years now, waiting I think for the "right girl" to come along. He was deeply hurt by his last relationship, and has been pretty girl shy for some time. It's such a joy to me to see him happy. It makes my heart soar with gladness.
I've been keeping busy in Barnowl Studio. Here are a couple of pieces I recently finished, hope you enjoy them. Sorry about the images, they are a little dark.
I met a sweet lady in our downtown Studio. She is a working artist. We talked about collage, and tissue paper, and I shared some information about some online classes I have taken. The art community in our little town is growing.
Have a great week end all



just a thought

I do not consider myself to be a deep thinker. I don't have a great education, I haven't traveled very much, never out of the US. I've never taken an art class. And I know that the art that I make is immature. But I try, that's all I can do, and I enjoy the heck out of it.
Lately I've been looking as some artist that really pour themselves into their art.
Their ideas, beliefs, emotions, and love. It's awesome. One artist brought me to tears. She made a series of assemblages about the Holocaust. It was something that had touched her family. The art was both tragic and beautiful. A legacy to a horrible event in history.
My art will never reach that caliber. I'm just not that good at it, and I know it. But I praise the ones who are. They make me want to do better. They touch something inside of me. I guess thats what art is supposed to do, right.



Good morning,
Here are two pieces I finished for Christmas. They will be sold at the local antique store where I have an "art wall" space.
Yesterday I cleaned and organized my studio. It feels good in here again. I can't stand the clutter, it makes my mind feel cluttered. Now its in order, and I feel refreshed. Maybe I'll get something started today.
Have a great week everyone.


Garden angel

Garden angel