tissue paper

Yeah, I'm still alive. I know it's been awhile, I just haven't felt like communicating with anyone lately. Just haven't been good company, even to myself. It's the funk, I hate it.

But I haven't given up, I have continued with my art. I took an online class with Carrie Burns Brown. She is wonderfun. I've been painting and decorating tissue paper, and am now putting it down on canvas. I love Carrie's abstract collage, so thought I'd give it a go. The first one is tissue I painted.I need better quality paints, like Golden, mine are just craft paints. I think the color would be richer.

This one excited me. It's cord sandwiched between tissue paper, then painted. You know how much I love texture.

The next one is corrogated cardboard with metallic paint.
(I couldn't get the image to move over, sorry.)
So there you have it. Just doing my thing, spending time with me.
Hope everyone is ok out there.
California has some new big fires. We are safe so far. Pray for the ones who aren't, and the fire fighters.


make art

Today is a furlow day for me. A three day week-end with no agenda. I plan to make art. And do a little shopping around on the internet for a class to feed my creative soul.
I've been a little depressed since Summer has left. Knowing I won't see her again for another year or more. We do talk regularly on the phone, but its not the same as having her here. She's growing up. I'm missing it. This is a source of emotional pain in my life.
I will try to get my self in gear today and do something positive. Wish me luck. It's going to be a marvelous day in the neighborhood.



paper quilt

I'm at the end of my vacation. Back to work on Monday. It seems so quiet here now with Summer gone. She made the trip without a hitch. That girl is a seasoned traveler at 10. She just strutted right up the ramp and waved goodbye, (this being her 3rd time flying), bless her. We got to spend quality
time together, it was presious to me.
Here is a paper and fabric quilt I mounted on canvas. I've ordered a book to learn this technique.
This is my own version. It needs some words, but my mind is blank, any suggestions?
There are wild fires close to us.(about 70 miles away) There is a hugh plume of smoke that can be seen from our house. I pray for the firefighters, and the people who are being evacuated. Also for the many animals that will perish. Keep them all in your prayers.
Hope everyone out there is safe tonight.
I've named my piece above "finding my way"
blessings from beth


welcome to the hood

Tomorrow my granddaughter leaves to go back home to Missouri. It's been a wonderfun vacation for both of us. (have to admit, I'm a little worn out.) But she is so easily pleased. And I've had a great time spoiling her.

But back to reality, and work, and life.

I finished this piece while Summer was playing on the computer. Hope you like it. It's great to be back. Thank you Sharon, Susan, Stephani, and Deborah for your emails and post's.




I have managed to finish my sunflowers. What do you think?

Still having a great time with Summer, she is my sunflower. We went shopping today for school clothes. It was fun to see what she chose.



This is my big girl

Here she is everyone! She is awesome. So sweet. We are having a blast. I will fill you in when I have some time. Hope you are all having a great summer.

Garden angel

Garden angel