So here it is. The "Key to Happiness". The collage is mounted on a wood substrate, then mounted on canvas the I textured. Hope you like.
I cleaned my studio this weekend. Took down the Christmas tree. Ready to return to work on Monday. Oh yeah? Its been a relaxing 9 days off. Took in a movie with my friend. Had lots of studio time, got some things done around the house.


I've been off work for the holidays. This is something I'm working on, not quite finished, thought I would share it with you. Hope everyone is having a fine time.


This is an encaustic I did a little while ago. I love the texture.


A collage on hard wood. The heart is covered with dried rose petals. I need words on this one too.


A fabric collage I made yesterday. Not quite finished. It needs some words and more quilting.
My poor neglected blog...It's been a year since I've posted anything. Yesterday I tried to upload some pictures, but ended up deleting some of my later stuff. I'm way out of practice. Hope everyone is having a good season.                   beth.

Garden angel

Garden angel