This is 1 of 5 small canvas's I'm mounting on an 18inch long board. The idea is in Apprentice magazine. I've almost finished the 2nd. The theme is hearts. I'll keep you posted. Enjoy your week everyone.

blessing from beth


the fragrance of spring

This is a picture of some wisteria that's growing on our fence. It looked so pretty. Hope you all are thawing out, some that still have snow. I know Sharon from Wildflowerhouse has had enough. This time of year here is very lovely. but come July and August everything will have turned brown again, and it will be 110. So we are enjoying it while it lasts.
I'm working on my next piece for the art faire. The idea comes from "Apprentice" the new publication from Somerset. It's an awesome new zine featuring several artist and their works, with instruction and tips on how they achieve the look.
It's been an up and down weekend. I'm trying very hard to ease some of the stress in my life. I don't know about you, but I've lived with it so long I don't know what it's like not to have stress. Alot to do with my family. Like the saying goes, we don't get to choose. But I do get to choose how much I'm willing to accept. So enough said. I think we all have something in our lives we wish to change, or someone perhaps. I'm learning I can only change me.



book art entry

Here is another entry for the art faire. Another book art. This one has lace around the border that I distressed, and then melted beeswax over it. The words at the top left say in French," The Intelligence of Flowers". Hope you like it.



Hi dear friends, One of my co-workers had an accident at home. She and her husband were trimming some bushes with some kind of power hedger, and my friend got the tip of her index finger cut off. Poor thing. The surgeon could not re attatch it. So anyway I got the ladies at work to put in a few bucks and I made up a little get well basket for her. This is the little collage I put in. This is the poem on the back.

May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun
and find your shoulder to light on
To bring you luck, happiness and riches
today, tomorrow and beyond

Have a good Friday everyone. And have you noticed the many butterflys that are out now. They are flying around everywhere. It's soo cool.


Spring cleaning

Today I spent the day reorganizing and cleaning up my studio. I took the doors off the closet, took all the fabric out, turned the bookcase sideways under the window and stacked the fabric vertically. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! Maybe it looks weird, but it works for me. Now I can use the shelves in the closet for all the paint and collage stuff. Hey I'm happy. Now I can see the stuff that's been stuck here and stuck there. I'm kind of a neat freak, and I work better when things are in order. Hope everyone is having a good weekend. It's been really windy and cold today. A good day to clean. Blessings to all.



old and new

Here is one of my art fair entries. It's an old book cover I collaged and mounted on canvas. These book cover art pieces are my favorite. A little bit of the old with the new. I'm off to the antique store to collect more.
Have a great week end everyone.


arts fair

Good News! I heard today that we (my friend Chris) and myself got our booth at the Antique and Arts Fair in our town of Paso Robles. Yeah! But today I am exhausted from work, and can't think of making any art until I get some rest. So after I get some rest I am going to bury myself in my studio, and hopefully come up with something. Thank you for your prayers and encourgement ladies, we all need them when we are doubting ourselves, and our abilities. I pray for you all.



Day away with my ladies church group

We gathered on the bluff overlooking the ocean. The weather was clear, but it was windy, very windy up there. We were each given a bag a goodies, with a small journal, some scriptures printed on two sheets. Some note cards, a pen for writing, and a bottle of water and some candy.
After everyone was settled we were each asked to share our most memorable beach experience, just so we would get to know each other better. Mine was about nearly drowning at Doheny Beach when I was about 13.
Next we drove across Hwy 1, to a lovely restaurant named Moonstone Gardens. We were served a yummy lunch, and then strolled around the gardens for a bit, and then we had quiet time with the Lord. We each shared our experience with prayer, and what we recieved, then it was time to go.
My friend Chris and I went into the town of Cambria and visited some shops then we drove home.
It was a wonderful day away.

Garden angel

Garden angel