This is a collage of a dandelion plant. I love dandelion's, they remind me of my childhood. I know most gardeners hate them, but remember the wishes you would make when you blew off the feathery parts. I grew up in Oklahoma, we had dandelions, and fire flys, and wild onions, honeysuckle, and wild berry bushes.
Marsha from "Tumble Fish Studio" is traveling with her family across the US to Missouri, from California. It's so great to do that stuff when you're a kid.(I still like traveling) Our family would travel from Oklahoma, to Pennsylvania in the summer. Great memories. Summertime, I love every minute of it.

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Terica said...

I love dandelions too. I have a poem about a Dandelion fairy ! I want to make one with pressed flowers one day.
I enjoy your blog ,just found it 1 day on a wild search , clicking next blog!

Garden angel

Garden angel