party till the cows come home.

Here are some highlights of our party. And yes I am the Hula-Hoop Queen.


Sharon said...

Oh you had so much fun, I can see.That pool looks so inviting and the cake wow. Did ya see me, I was there, spent most of my time around the pool, just flapping my wings.LOL Happy on your way to 26th. Enjoy the ride. Sharon

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Hi Beth! I found you (again) from Susan's blog. I have been here before! What a lovely place to visit! I like your profile - "new to collage" - mine still says it too and I'm gonna tell you what people tell me, if you're new you could've fooled me. Your work is lovely and has so many mediums, even sewing, weaved together so beautifully! It's hard to let go of the "new" part - I still feel I have so much to learn. But your piece below says it all - we're not lost, just exploring.

Happy Anniversary! My 21st is in a few days. Better than ever and I am so thankful for my marriage. Looks and sounds like the same with you and that is something to celebrate! Now, if I could just hula hoop!

I'll be back!

Garden angel

Garden angel