Thinking of Mom

This is my hell on wheels mom. The picture was taken back in the late 40's.(sorry about the quality) Mom and dad used to ride with the "Richmond Ramblers" out of Richmond California. She could ride that Indian motorcycle, but she couldn't kick start it, she only weighed about 90 lbs. I love this picture.


Flower Power

This is the amaryllis I planted just before Christmas. To my surprise it has 3 more blooms on it. I think they are so pretty. Hope you enjoy it too.



Here is the darling angel I won on Stephani Gorman's blog give away. I have named her "Cynthia" She is proudly displayed in front of my one and only stained glass window. Stephani is an artist, jewelry maker, and a friend. Check out her blog of the same name. She is a very talented artist. Thank you Stephani, you are most generous. I'm hoping to take a class from Stephani sometime soon.



Friend of a friend

Here is a little fabric collage inspired by Rebecca Sower.(it says, "wear your love like heaven.") My heart goes out to her and the friends that she made in Haiti. I pray that all are well.  And also to the Haitian people, may Gods love surround you now. We are all children of God, and brothers and sisters of each other. Friends indeed.   




Dear friends,
I have been following a blogger by the name of Rebecca Sower. She, just a few days ago returned from Haiti. Please visit her blog,( just Google her name.) and learn of  how we might help these poor people. There are many Americans in Haiti doing Gods work. Please keep everyone in your prayers. Just imagine how it must be, only for a second. We are so blessed my friends. Please help if you can.



Living life

We can't be there for everyone. I'm finding this out. So many people in need. Ones who are lonely, ones who are ill, ones that need a friend. I try to be available to all of them, but sometimes I just can't. When I have to say no, it makes me feel so bad. I wish I could clone myself.
In my family I am the most stable. Sad to say, but it's true. I've worked very hard to have a home. It's all I ever wanted out of life. Growing up we moved around alot. I went to many different schools. Being stable and nested is what I've worked for. I wish I could give everyone a home and the love I have around me. But I can't. I just do the best I can.

On a lighter note, I'm continuing to experiment, and grow in my art. Doing art is what centers me in this crazy world. I know that lots of other people out there are going threw difficult times. My prayers are with  each of you. Marsha, JoAnnA, Sandy. I know I'm not alone. Thank you everyone for sharing your lives, the good and the bad.


not new attitude

My attitude change is not working very well. I need more practice. I think if I didn't have to go to work everyday my attitude WOULD change. Uggg. But alas I have to eat and keep my health insurance, and don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for both. I read on a calender today that spare moments should be treated like precious diamonds. I believe that you know. Any spare time I have to myself is precious. I just need more of it. Whaa !Whaa! Whaa!
Here is my latest creation. Not very good I'm afraid. Something else is in the works.



2010 Greetings

Here we are at the start of a new year. I love new beginnings. Starting over. Making changes and adjustments. Giving myself a fresh start. Dusting off the old self.
My hope for the new year is to make some positive changes in my attitude. I have become rusted and cranky, and I'm tired of it. So here is to a fresh start, one day at a time. A reinventing of Bethe.
Oh yeah, also MAKE MORE ART!

Happy New Year everyone.

Garden angel

Garden angel