Oregon or Bust!

We are heading off to the "green country" Oregon. It is sooo dry and hot here, 105 today and yesterday. It will be so wonderfull to see some green, and hopefully a little rain.
We are tent camping along the Tumalo river for 6 days. Then going into Portland (my favorite city in the world). I'm looking forward to this.
I'm bringing my paints and canvas, (can't leave home without) a couple of books, and an open mind and spirit.
Hope you all stay well. I'll be thinking of you. Back on the 6th.

Love and friendship'


busy as a bee

It looks like some of my hard work is starting to pay off. I mean in cash too. My art is selling at the local antique mall. Chris and I have a wall space that we are renting, and I have sold several pieces. So has Chris.
Today Chris and I painted lattice and wall space and reconfigured our display. It looks great. We are hoping to fill it up before Christmas. We have a pretty good start. We both have been working hard. In between job and home and taking care of my sister, I manage to find the time to get some art done.
I will post pictures soon. I've missed you all. Knowing you are each busy in your own ways. My prayers are with you.
Hubby and I are leaving for Oregon on Friday. I'll try to post before then.



more tissue paper

I wish you could see the real canvas, its so cool. I'm amazed at what can be accomplished with plain old white tissue paper.
I am also learning how to make those little soldered glass pieces. Not a problem, since soldering is what I do for a living, but this is way more fun. The little glass piece on my canvas says "courage". We all need it.
Have a great week you all.




Here is my tissue paper art. I have a hard time letting go of symmetry, its what hold me back in my art I think. But this piece was such fun to do. I loved every aspect. Painting the tissue paper, stamping, decorating, I even used coffee, and coffee grounds on the tissue. Carrie Burns Brown is the inspiration. Check her out if you get a chance. She has an online class with "Art Workshops.TV
I think this piece has sort of an American Indian feel to it, I'm calling it "Tuckahoe

Four days off from work, YEAH! Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone.

Garden angel

Garden angel