Courage to go forward

To tell you the truth, the art show didn't go as well as we had expected. Chris and I have concluded that the venue was wrong for us. The city advertised it as Recycled Treasures and Art Show. Our booth was the only art there, the rest was mostly yard sale items, and some antiques. We were both disappointed. But not discouraged.
We have a new plan. And more information. There are two other shows happening this summer, one in July, and one in August. They are the Lavender Festival, and the Olive Festival. I have attended the Olive Festival here, and its lovely, lots of original art, and a different clientele I think. So were are inspired to go forward and find our nitch. We also made contact with our local antique dealer who is renting us wall space in her shop. So things are looking up. We will continue making art, and learning new things. Its all good.


Sharon said...

You go girl. I've been in the same situation. You learn and move on. I am glad you are going to enter another one. You will do well. I know! Sharon

Holly said...

Ditto to Sharon! I applaud you and Chris for moving forward! You have such lovely work, and I know there is a place for you to showcase it. Keep us posted!

Karen G. said...

Don't give up, my friend! It will all come about for you & Chris. Talent such is yours needs to be in the right place for it to flourish. You will find it! Keep me posted.

My best to you, Beth!

Stephani Gorman said...

Hi Beth~ Your booth looks just awesome! I know how it feels to put so much into prep and not have a great turnout! :( Sounds like you might have a new avenue in the antique store. Good luck and I want to come by and see your work, so let me know what store. Hopefully~ one of these days I will get there!:) Hugs, Stephani

Garden angel

Garden angel