no fear

Some friends got laid off at my work today. A couple of people that have been there for several years. Rumor has it that there may be another lay off in June.
I have been with this company for 9 years. I really like my job, I pray I don't get laid off. But today I choose not to live in fear over it. Life is in session, and God is in control. I will pray for those who were let go today, and for our country, and others that have lost their jobs across our nation.
My grandparents got through the Great Depression, we will get through this. I believe that its a time to reevaluate our priorites. Get back to the root of giving and sharing in a me, me, me, society. Have it your way no longer works for me today.I want to give back, and help my neighbor when I can. I want to take less and give more, use less, and leave something for the future generations.
This is what I believe ladies, these are the things in my heart. I know you are with me in this.



Deborah@ The Painted Nest said...

Beth, I so agree with you!!! It's time for Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself. And I pray for our country,our children and those who hold any office in this country. We have to get united in our faith and convictions. Jesus is our only hope!!!! I'll pray for the people who lost their jobs where you work, also for the company where you work. I speak blessings on that company, and I pray that all layoff's stop. Bless you sweet Beth, Deborah

Sharon said...

I am so sorry for the folks who lost their jobs and I am sorry for the people who had to do the layoffs. That had to be hard, very hard. I like your attitude Beth.Take care, Sharon

Kimberly said...

Hi Beth! This is definitely a time of change, and as I have never had a job to lose (been self-employed/fending for myself this whole time) I have difficulty relating to what it must be like to lose a job. I think God will heal us of our dependence on things other then Him during this time! We always have everything we need, whether or not we are aware of that fact! Nice post.

p.s. do you sometimes post and then delete? Sometimes I try to link to posts that show up on my page, and they're not there!

Holly said...

I am sorry for the people laid off as well. . .I find myself fearful and anxious about everything, and try to keep praying through the fact that God is still in control and He knows everyone's situation.
You have such a compassionate heart, and I agree that we all need to work together and care for each other.

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth...great post, and I love this...Life is in session and God is in control. So true..this is my belief also, he cares for the flowers and birds, surely he will provide for us!
thanks! Kath

Sharon said...

Hey you, your positive attitude post won't open. Open open open.....Sharon

Karen G. said...

Beth, you have hit it on the head! This time is very scary, but if we let God have control of the situation, we shall overcome! Our country needs our prayers.

Blessings to you, my friend!!

Garden angel

Garden angel