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I'm at the end of my vacation. Back to work on Monday. It seems so quiet here now with Summer gone. She made the trip without a hitch. That girl is a seasoned traveler at 10. She just strutted right up the ramp and waved goodbye, (this being her 3rd time flying), bless her. We got to spend quality
time together, it was presious to me.
Here is a paper and fabric quilt I mounted on canvas. I've ordered a book to learn this technique.
This is my own version. It needs some words, but my mind is blank, any suggestions?
There are wild fires close to us.(about 70 miles away) There is a hugh plume of smoke that can be seen from our house. I pray for the firefighters, and the people who are being evacuated. Also for the many animals that will perish. Keep them all in your prayers.
Hope everyone out there is safe tonight.
I've named my piece above "finding my way"
blessings from beth


Sharon said...

BE SAFE BETH! That really is scary. Now I shall have to worry about you.... I bet you miss Summer. I love this paper quilt. You must tell me what the book you ordered is. OK? Stay save. Sharon

Diva Kreszl said...

Found my way to your blog through 'Broken Heart Art' and am now a follower! Just wanted you to know we heard about the fires on the east coast via news and that you and all in your area are in our prayers!!!

Chrisy said...

Visiting via Broken Heart Art...take care...and the paper quilt is wonderful...

Garden angel

Garden angel