Glory Days

I awoke to birds singing, sunshine, cool breeze and the knowledge of Gods love and goodness. We are all His children, He loves us unconditionally. His forgivesness is forever.
Thank you all for your emails and posts. My loved one is safe. Your prayers and thoughts of encourgement have reached the heavens. You are all precious to me. Susan,Deborah,Sharon,Marsha, thank you so much.

This is a canvas I painted, and made flowers from yarn and used tea bags. Have a glorious day everyone.



Sharon said...

Hi Beth, I am so glad everything worked out. I like your sunny canvas. The yarn and the teabags great idea! Your brain is always creating isn't it. I have been creating too. Drop over and tell me what you think. Take care friend!Sharon

Holly said...

Love the painting! You have such wonderful ideas!

Garden angel

Garden angel