Its not the BIG ONE!

EARTHQUAKE! Laying in bed at 5:30 this morning, I'm awake cause its the normal time I wake up for work, and the bed starts to move, and I hear cracking in the walls. I don't know yet what the magnitude was, it wasn't real big, but I haven't felt one in a long time. Reminds a person how temporary things can be. I think I'm safe and protected in my home, but it could come crashing down any time. The last one we had sent the TV in my bedroom catapulting across the room.
Oh well, life in California. By the way, my husband snored right through it. Big help.
I'm going to play today in the studio. Do some cleaning and such, and make some art. The piece I'm showing is my attempt at stamping on tissue paper glued to canvas.
Have a great week end everyone.
Oh yeah, Susan at Brokn Heart Art is having a 200th post give away. Check it out.
She's a very clever artist. Susan and I traded art, this is an ATC she sent me. I love it! She bleached the paper to give it that affect. She also sent me lots of ephemera, stamps, transparencies, paper, and images. Awesome Susan. You are very generous.
(Sorry about the blurriness. My camera needs adjusting.)


Deborah@ The Painted Nest said...

I'm glad you're alright Beth!! Wow! That really puts things into prespective doesn't it? I love the new canvas you're working on!!!Can't wait to see it completed~~~~I know it will be BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!~~~Love the ATC card!!!Your friend was so sweet to send you so many nice things!!!Aren't Friends Great~~~Have a wonderful weekend sweet friend!!!~~Deborah

Sharon said...

Nothing like a good wake up call... I hope things have stopped now. They really are frightening. I see you have a new canvas. I love it too.Let us see the finished product. OK Take care sweet Beth. AND wake that man up next time. LOL Sharon

Susan Sager Brown said...

How scarey! Glad your TV survived this time. teehee. Thanks for your kind words about the ATC. Glad you like it! xoSusan

Garden angel

Garden angel