art rampage

Does this look like art to you? ART is in me, it's all around me, its chaotic, and intense, it color and rhythm, its joy and pain. I'm in a little bit of a funk, can you tell? I keep trying to imitate the art that I love, and it's not working. I love Ann Baldwin's collage. It looks so easy on the video. I followed step by step, but it sure doesn't look the same. Mine's really a mess, compared to her's. I tried again to do another piece, following the steps she gave, but ended up ripping it to shreds. (see picture) Oh the pain of failure, or what feels like failure. Anyway, I guess I just need to take from it what I can and leave the rest behind. Can anyone relate? Maybe I'll use the discared pieces in something else.


Susan Sager Brown said...

You have just made the backgrounds for some cool ATC's!! Some times you just gotta rip it up! I love the two previous pieces you posted. The colors of the first piece complement each other well. The one you tore up has color that is almost all the same. Maybe that is why you didn't like it?? I LOVE the Beautiful one too.Xo Susan

Sharon said...

You should see what I do with material when something doesn't work out. On second thought maybe not...... :-6 Sharon

Robin said...

Don't throw away your discards, keep them and you will be amazed at how you end up using them in another piece. When inspiration strikes you will be prepared!!

The Rustic Victorian said...

You will again, march to your own drummer. I do understand and feel not as good as I want to be. Be kind to yourself.

Garden angel

Garden angel