Up and Running

BetheArt is up and running on Etsy. Thank you all for your encourgement and comments.
I need to get busy, but it's so beautiful outside. What to do...ho hum.
Well anyway. There is just not enough time. I want to create, clean my house, prune the rosebushes, swim in the pool, eat, play on the computer, well you know.
I hope you all are having a wonderful day.



Sharon said...

Oh dear I do believe we are sisters. I want to dig in the garden, clean house, create in the studio and read a good book in my lounge chair on my deck looking at the mtns. MMMMMM yup we are sisters! LOL Sharon

Sharon said...

PS Put a widget on your blog so we can get to your Etsy easy. Me again Sharon

Kimberly said...

Widget and/or post the link!

Holly said...

Sorry I haven't said much lately. . .Congratulations on setting up your Etsy shop! I hope your sunburn is better (from reading your next post). Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


Garden angel

Garden angel