Ann Baldwin class

Today I got a chance to take an online class with collage artist Ann Baldwin. This is what I made. It was a study in abstract, using different mediums. It looks kind of a mess, maybe to some, but the idea is to let the layers show through. It was fun, and I learned some new things, so to me it was a success. I have to thank Susan at Broken Heart Art for sending me the info about the class. It was with an online site named Art Workshops.tv Thank you Susan.
This is one I made on my own, a book art piece.
Have a good week everyone.



Sharon said...

I love the subtle colors and all the textures. Great job. Sharon

The Rustic Victorian said...

They are just fabulous, I enlarged them to see the layers and textures....just great!

Robin said...

Awesome! Love the colors and textures!

Garden angel

Garden angel