Hi dear friends, One of my co-workers had an accident at home. She and her husband were trimming some bushes with some kind of power hedger, and my friend got the tip of her index finger cut off. Poor thing. The surgeon could not re attatch it. So anyway I got the ladies at work to put in a few bucks and I made up a little get well basket for her. This is the little collage I put in. This is the poem on the back.

May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun
and find your shoulder to light on
To bring you luck, happiness and riches
today, tomorrow and beyond

Have a good Friday everyone. And have you noticed the many butterflys that are out now. They are flying around everywhere. It's soo cool.


Sharon said...

You are so thoughtful. I hope she will be ok. Sharon

Deborah@ The Painted Nest said...

Beth, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend! I know she'll love your sweet gift~~~~I love mine~!!! I can't wait to see butterflies here~~right now we have rain, but we really need it, so I can't complain. Have a great weekend~~~Blessings Sweet Friend, Deborah

Robin said...

What a beautiful poem to go along with the butterfly collage. I am sure your co-worker will feel much better after receiving such a thoughtful gift!

Take Care - Robin

Garden angel

Garden angel