This is 1 of 5 small canvas's I'm mounting on an 18inch long board. The idea is in Apprentice magazine. I've almost finished the 2nd. The theme is hearts. I'll keep you posted. Enjoy your week everyone.

blessing from beth


Karen G. said...

OMG!!!! I love this, Beth! You are an amazing artist! Keep 'em coming, sister!

Deborah@ The Painted Nest said...

BETH~~~~LOOK AT YOU~~~~GIRL~~~~I LOVE THIS!!! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE REST!!! No stress now, just enjoy the process. I know you must be excited about the artfair. Keep up the great work!!!Blessings, Deborah

Robin said...

Beautiful!!! Can't wait to see the rest!

Take CAre - Robin

BitsAndPieces said...

Beth, a really lovely piece!
Looking forward to seeing other works you create...

Sharon said...

Love it, you are like the duacell bunny, you just keep going......love your heart, can't wait to see the rest. Love that magazine. Thanks for putting me on to it. Sharon

Garden angel

Garden angel