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Good News! I heard today that we (my friend Chris) and myself got our booth at the Antique and Arts Fair in our town of Paso Robles. Yeah! But today I am exhausted from work, and can't think of making any art until I get some rest. So after I get some rest I am going to bury myself in my studio, and hopefully come up with something. Thank you for your prayers and encourgement ladies, we all need them when we are doubting ourselves, and our abilities. I pray for you all.



Deborah@ The Painted Nest said...

Congrats Girl !!!! I knew you would ~~~~see I told you, you are a great talent!!! Now you have other people who see it too. Now hide and watch what God does. I'm so HAPPY for you!!! Beth you so deserve this~~~~Blessings sweet friend~~Deborah

Karen G. said...

Hooray!!! I can't wait to see what you come up with! You will do fabulous! Please keep us posted!


Kimberly said...

Hi Beth! that's awesome! When is the art fair?

Holly said...

Hi Beth!
Congratulations! I'm sorry I didn't see this post sooner, I have been trying to work on things around here. I am so excited for you and Chris, and I know you will create many more beautiful pieces, and have a great time!

Garden angel

Garden angel