not new attitude

My attitude change is not working very well. I need more practice. I think if I didn't have to go to work everyday my attitude WOULD change. Uggg. But alas I have to eat and keep my health insurance, and don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for both. I read on a calender today that spare moments should be treated like precious diamonds. I believe that you know. Any spare time I have to myself is precious. I just need more of it. Whaa !Whaa! Whaa!
Here is my latest creation. Not very good I'm afraid. Something else is in the works.


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Susan Sager Brown said...

Funny, I looked at the pic of your art before I read your words and thought, ohhhh I love this one, something about the composition with the pointy roof is wonderful, and then I read you don't think this one is very good!! Here I am miles away loving it!! It's good!! xoSusan

Garden angel

Garden angel