Maybe I posted this once before, its an encaustic I did last summer for a local art show. Sometimes things just come together, as did this piece.  It was a no effort, everthing just went the way I wanted it to. But that doesn't happen too often, most things are trial and error, a struggle sometimes, frustrating, uneventful, in my life any way. So when something comes together with ease and fluidity I get very happy. This art made me happy. (I can't seem to make a new paragraph, a glich in the system) Any way tomorrow I'm driving my friend to San Francisco for an appt. with her eye doctor. She will most likely have to have eye surgery in the near future for glacoma. But things just came together for this trip, thanks to the Lions Club, and friends and family. I'm very grateful and happy to be of help. I'm happy.  Have a good week end all.   beth

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Stephani Gorman said...

Wow it sure came together! It is a perfect Beth!
So good to run into you the other day! Hope someday we can plan that art play together! I have some exciting art retreat news to share in a few days so watch my blog okay? Hugs , Stephani

Garden angel

Garden angel