My #2 son Shawn is moving back home. He is first going to North Carolina with his friend to pick up some antique movie camera's for his friends dad. This summer Shawn was involved in Debbie Reynolds auction of Hollywood memoribilia. He actually got to touch Marliyn Monroes dress, you know the one where she is standing over the street grate in this white dress. So he has been working for the Hollywood types for the past year. He is ready for a change and will be moving home for a transition to Lake Tahoe and a job working construction/and or the ski lifts. Shawn has become a "jack of all trades". From chef to God knows what next. God speed son, and keep you well.

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Stephani Gorman said...

Congratulations on having your son home again for a while! Have a beautiful time and Christmas together !

Garden angel

Garden angel