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I'm glad all the hubbub is over with. Although I did not do a darn thing this holiday. My Christmas list was very short, 3 presents. That's it. It's all I had money and energy for. I did not enjoy decorating for the holidays because it all has to be put away and cleaned up, so it was sparse to say the least. Its just my hubby and I now at home, so this was the first year I said to myself, I just dont feel like it. And I'm satisfied with that decision. I've got one more week off from work, a total of 10 days, its been very relaxing. I've been working on a few pieces for my art wall, this is one. Hope you all had an awesome Christmas, and Happy New Year.

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Robin said...

It's adorable Beth! I know what you mean about Christmas, no decorating at all here....makes for easy cleanup!!


Garden angel

Garden angel