I know its fuzzy, but I had to share this. Early morning on Saturday. A Great Horned Owl in the oak tree in the front of our house. It's mate was on the other branch. We can hear them hooting in the mornings, he actually looked straight at me after I took the picture, he is sooo beautiful. I haven't heard them now for a couple of days, I hope I didn't frighten them away. .. a gift from God.


The Painted Nest said...

How cool is that!!!!~~~I'll be back blogging soon!!!~~~:)~~Blessings Sweet Friend!!~~~~Deborah

BitsAndPieces said...

Thanks for sharing your photo, Beth. To me owls are fascinating creatures...mysterious and majestic. Seeing them is special, especially in your own oak tree.

Have a great day! Sandy

Stephani said...

What a HOOt Beth! Just in time for Halloween! :)

Garden angel

Garden angel