I turned 59 on the 12th of this month. I didn't want to make a big deal out of it, cause next year when I turn 60 (OMG) I'm having a BIG party.  Truth is I really don't feel this age. In my heart I am still a young girl. Full of spit and vinegar my grandmother used to say.
I met a neighbor the other day out by our mailboxes. Her name is Pansy, she is 81. She was the sweetest lady, I really enjoyed talking to her./when we shook hands I could feel the roughness of many gardens planted and flowerbeds tended. I want to be like Pansy, weathered and rich with the love of my fellow man.That's how she made me feel, like she loved me and didn't even know me.

Its been a whirl wind of emotion this past month. Not much art has gotten started or finished. My granddaughter Summer is coming in July, and I'm not even ready. I should be looking for fun stuff for us to do, she will be here for 3 weeks.

My dragons are not breathing fire at me this week, things have settled again. I've started a new project as of yesterday. Hope to post it by weeks end. I pray for you all, my kindred spirits.



BitsAndPieces said...

Happy 59th Birthday! Glad you are feeling young at heart. I think that's the secret of aging well.
Looking forward to your new art,

Stephani said...

Happy Birthday to you! By the way, you look fabulous too!:) How fun to shake your neighbors hand and feel her story. :)

Garden angel

Garden angel