I'm back

It's not been a good month. But I'm hanging in there. The art show is a wash, but that's ok. Chris and I aren't ready anyway. Maybe later. Both of our lives are in turmoil. No details, I'll spare you. But suffice it to say YOU CAN'T KEEP A GOOD GIRL DOWN!
Here is my lastest project. The bird sticks out like a soar thumb, I really like the nest though, it's strips of painted metal. I LOVE METAL. Maybe I wil tone done the bird some.
Hope you are all well, and enjoying some spring weather.

hugs, beth


Sharon said...

I love this and I like the bird. If you tone it down just around the edges maybe with a touch of brown ( aging it). But I like it. I don't like that you are down. I hope you are ok. I could always do the happy dance for you. That would really make you laugh for sure. Sharon

Diva Kreszl said...

sorry you are having a tough go of it lately, do hope thigs look up soon! I love this piece, bird and all, not sure I would cahnge a thing :)

BitsAndPieces said...

Beth, I was so happy to see your post. Love the new art piece. Take care of yourself, and I sincerely hope brighter days are around the corner.

Hugs, Sandy

Stephani said...

I love this piece, The nest is amazing! Did I tell you I saw it in person? It was really great to finally meet you !:) Thanks for coming by to say "Hi".

Garden angel

Garden angel