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Recently I went to have my cholestrol checked. It was high. 242 to be exact.(under 200 is recomended) So I went on a diet. I walked and tried to eat better, and it went down to 211... good news uh. Next check up it went up to 218. I gained 4 lbs.
I have stopped eating red meat, fish and chicken only, very little dairy, lots of fruit and veggies, . (no problem for me, cause I love them). No cake no candy, no bread, lots of grains. I gained another 2 lbs. WHAT IS UP WITH THIS CRAP! I am soo frustrated.
I talked to my chiropractor today, he lost 7 lbs in one week, eating meat. WHAT IS UP WITH THIS CRAP! I am soo frusstrated.
OK so I have to have a new plan. Ladies, I'm sorry to say, because I know many many people struggle with weight problems. But this is my first time. I am a small women, 5ft. tall. I've never had to watch my weight. I've struggled with other problems, but never with this.  I will be 59 this year. I'm in pretty good shape really for my age. I have lots of energy, and I do try to eat right.  If anyone has a suggestion, please let me know. I am NOT giving up. I will CONQUER this. One day at a time!

warmly beth.


Diva Kreszl said...

sorry to say I don't have any answers for you on this front, at
5'2" myself and never having had a weight problem I find myself struggling since I've gone through menopause. I swear the minute I start to watch my diet my body says to itself, "she's trying to starve us! hold onto all fat cells" It's a sad thing when your own body starts to betray you. let's make a pact, we'll be sure to contact eachother if either of us stumbles on the way to fix this!

Sharon said...

Here's a giggle for you. I gained a lot of weight after foot surgery and had to stay in bed for over six weeks. I have been struggling to remove this weight ever since. I won't bore you withthe details. Nothing was helping. So one week I said the h--- with all this and didn't exercise and ate anything I wanted. LOST 7 LBS. So go figure. I give up.....

Garden angel

Garden angel