a little happy

One of the great joys in life is to see your children happy. Happiness has touched my youngest son Shawn with a new girlfriend. He has been single for a few years now, waiting I think for the "right girl" to come along. He was deeply hurt by his last relationship, and has been pretty girl shy for some time. It's such a joy to me to see him happy. It makes my heart soar with gladness.
I've been keeping busy in Barnowl Studio. Here are a couple of pieces I recently finished, hope you enjoy them. Sorry about the images, they are a little dark.
I met a sweet lady in our downtown Studio. She is a working artist. We talked about collage, and tissue paper, and I shared some information about some online classes I have taken. The art community in our little town is growing.
Have a great week end all



Sharon said...

Beth I love both of these. I am a nature lover as you know and I love black crows and ravens. The heart one is really beautiful. I am really drawn to it too. Hope all is well with you. Sharon

The Rustic Victorian said...

I really like your look, wish I could do that,,,so many techniques Id love to learn. It seems like new products are invented every day, I wonder when everyone has the time to experiment and invent, I cant keep up with it all. How nice to have a place to sell!

BitsAndPieces said...

Love your new pieces, Beth. I like your style of art. You inspire me to get back in my own studio one of these days soon and try again.
I understand about the happiness we receive when our children are happy. Sometimes all we can do is wait and pray that they make good choices. Love, Sandy

Garden angel

Garden angel