Something different from me.

This is really not my style, but I had fun making it. People were so stern back then. Guess life was so difficult that they didn't have much to smile about. I'm sure glad somethings have gotten easier.

Yesterday my hubby and I went for a bike ride down by the beach. A place called Morro Bay. We rode about 10 miles. I couldn't make it up 2 hills, and had to get off and push. But we had a great time, and the weather was gorgeous.

Hope you all had a good week end.
ps please read the post below.

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Sharon said...

Hi Beth, (bike rider extrodinare!) Good going gal. I would have crashed and burned. LOL
Love your new endeavor. I think they were scared of the camera back then, don't you. They probably would be in shock today at what they would see. I am sending you a fun email that needs quick attention. Hope you will take part. Sharon

Garden angel

Garden angel