I can create

There is too much stress in the world. I want to retire and play in my studio ALL DAY LONG. I agree with Susan, to be able to do art "uninterrupted." How fun would that be.
But not today. Although I did manage to finish these two pieces. In between laundry grocery shopping, and therapy. This was my day off.
I know I'm not alone. I hear it in so many blogs. We are just too busy. But thank God for art. The ability to create. There is nothing so satisfying to me.

My sweet husband bought me a bicycle. It's awesome. We rode together last weekend. I haven't been on a bike in (well we won't say how many years). I was a little wobbly, but managed to finish the ride with no broken bones. I'll be out this week end as well. It's good for the spirit.

Have a good one you lovely ladies.



Robin said...

Lovely art! Have a great weekend!

The Rustic Victorian said...

Oh, I love your nature art! I agree with the stress in the world,,, it touches everyone, as desperate times do.., and now more than ever we need to care, sign petitions,send letters, find the balance in life. I'm still working on it. Take care!

Sharon said...

Beth these are terrific. I really love the botany one. I am going to post something today about what helps me with stress. Drop by for a read, if you like. Sharon :-)

Susan Sager Brown said...

Beth this new artwork is lovely. I love the gentle muted colors you work with, they are very peaceful. I am hoping your sister is comfortable. I have been thinking about you and your family, sending healing thoughts your way.that bicycle is a great escape!! Wind thru your hair, that feeling of flying, your husband is one smart cookie. Does he gave any single friends??teehee xoSusan

Garden angel

Garden angel